October 2022


by Noah Jones

The Only Musical Comeback That Matters

American Idol in the early 2000s was a pop culture factory. Each season they’d manage to pump out at least one star into the mainstream limelight. Whether it was a winner like Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood, to a finalist like Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert, it seemed like someone always shined after a season. One of those stars was Elliot Yamin.

Elliot Yamin was on the 5th season of American Idol where he placed third. Originally from Richmond, Virginia, Elliot found his sound and audience through silky smooth vocals coupled with a falsetto even Adam Levine envies (probably not but you get it). His self-titled album debuted at number 3 on the Billboard 200 charts, and his hit single “Wait for You” reached the 13th spot in the US Music Charts. He would go on to release 3 more albums his most recent being 2015.

Sing it Elliot

Now I assume you’ve gotten to the point of the blog where you’re wondering why the hell did I decide to write about this, and I’m here to say this is the part where it’s all going to make (less) sense.

Elliot Yamin represents a dying breed; random white dudes actually singing R&B well. The OG, Bobby Caldwell, paved the way, fooling generations of rhythm and blues listeners into thinking he was a soulful black artist, when in fact he was white as the Pillsbury Doughboy.

A classic song and video

It’s a trend that I’m not going to actively try to continue myslef, although I would give anything for a voice like that, but I have another avenue. I’m going to help launch Elliot Yamin’s comeback.

The world had heard the last of Yamin by 2015 and r&b was fading fast from the popular spotlight as EDM and the beginnings of mumble rap began to take hold of the music industry. Nobody was waiting for Elliot and his quirky hats. However times have changed. Music is calling upon old elements of past genres like Disco, Rock, and classic R&B. We also stay inside our apartments all the time which was the scene for every 90’s R&B music video. It’s perfect.

There’s never been better time to launch a comeback for our boy Elliot. he can dive into his bag of old school R&B melodies without fear of flopping on the charts. If he can manage to snag DJ Khaled as a producer he’ll be a hit whether the songs suck or not. I can’t stress enough how important DJ Khaled is to the music industry but that’s another blog for another day. What we, yes we because you read this so now by law of the blog you’re in it, need to focus on bringing back Elliot Yamin from the spinning record graveyard.

Elliot, you waited for us, now we’re waiting for you. We’re waiting for you to launch this comeback and by god I hope it happens because this blog is as far as my efforts go in this fight.

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