October 2022


by Noah Jones

Hidden History of Philadelphia Project

Partnered with Caroline DeFelice

For the final project in advanced design, we took on covering hidden history in Philadelphia in an organized and modern format. We created a magazine spread that covers various category of hidden history in Philadelphia along with a fully designed app to help users locate history sites on-the-go. The magazine is filled with pages depicting different types of architectures forms to give background on the different styles of history the user may see. For the color scheme in both the magazine and app, we used a light blue color to emulate a sky that contrasts well with the red coloring of the letters, the same red used in the “LOVE” sign in Philadelphia. For the logo we wanted to showcase different aspect of hidden history architecture which is why it is divided into four parts with the same blue used from the main color scheme. The app uses a map template with various locations identified using small red pins. Upon clicking one of those pins the user will be taken to an info screen with a picture and a brief description of that location and the type of architecture style it is built in.

Below is all of the art work and design that were used to compose this project. Enjoy. Magazine spread found here because image was too big to post.–> appPHILLYArch (1)


App store.png

Inforgraphics for columns and art deco:

appphillyarch-13 copy.pngArt Deco EX 1-01.png

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